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Table 1 Teacher professional standards

From: Science teacher education in Taiwan: past, present, and future

Standard 1Acquire educational professional knowledge and to catch important education issues.
Standard 2Acquire discipline/content knowledge and content related teaching competency.
 a. To acquire teaching discipline/content specific knowledge.
 b. To acquire teaching discipline/content specific teaching competency.
Standard 3Acquire curriculum and teaching design competency
 a. To refer curriculum standards and students’ characteristics to establish teaching goals, and implement curriculum and teaching plans.
 b. To base on students’ learning progress and needs, flexibly adjust teaching design and materials.
 c. To integrate knowledge, concepts and living experience, active content to be taught.
Standard 4To flexibly implement teaching strategies in order to make effective teaching.
 a. To apply appropriate teaching strategies and communication skills to help students’ learning.
 b. To apply multiple teaching media, information technologies and resources to facilitate teaching.
 c. According to students’ learning performance, accept remedy strategies or to supply in-depth or wider learning strategies.
Standard 5To apply appropriate methods to conduct learning evaluation.
 a. To adopt appropriate evaluation instruments or varied information, to assess students’ competency and learning.
 b. To apply the evaluation results to give students’ learning feedback and to improve teaching.
 c. To change the evaluation methods based on students’ physical and mental characteristics and special learning needs.
Standard 6Apply classroom management efficacy to create a supportive learning environment.
 a. To establish classroom regulation, and to establish learning environment to facilitate learning.
 b. To create good teacher student interactive learning situation, establish caring and friendly learning atmosphere.
 c. To control classroom learning condition, handle classroom discipline problem appropriately.
Standard 7To control students’ difference and conduct relevant counseling.
 a. To understand students’ background difference and interests, guide students to adapt learning and development.
 b. To understand students’ culture, guide students’ to establish positive social learning.
 c. To respond to different patterns of students’ needs and provide essential support and counseling.
Standard 8To consciously responsible for education professional responsibility
 a. Express enthusiasm for education, caring for students’ learning rights and development.
 b. Follow teacher professional ethnic and relative law regulation.
 c. Caring for school development, engagement school affairs and meeting.
Standard 9Devote to teacher professional development
 a. Reflect professional practice, try to explore and solve problems.
 b. Attend teaching research/in-service workshop, continue mastering teaching, and to enhance students’ learning.
 c. Attend professional learning community, professional development organization, and enhance professional development.
Standard 10Express cooperative and leadership ability
 a. Attend peer teachers’ interaction, co-develop curriculum and teaching project, express cooperative and leadership ability.
 b. Establish the relationship among parents and community partnership cooperative relationship.
 c. To adapt the needs from school, participate in school organization and development work, develop leadership ability.