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Table 7 Multiple regression analysis for attitude toward science (N = 1299)

From: Middle school student attitudes toward science, and their relationships with instructional practices: a survey of Chinese students’ preferred versus actual instruction

Block 1: Control Variables
 Intercept2.5480.071 0.000
Block 2: Preferred Instruction
Block 3: Discrepancy
  1. Female, SchoolA, and SchoolB are dichotomous variables that have value of 1 for students who have these criteria and 0 otherwise; so, the reference group is male students attending the C schools. B is the unstandardized regression coefficient, and β is the standardized regression coefficient. Block 1 variables together explained 8.8% of the variation in attitude. Block 2 variables together explained an additional 3.8% of variation in attitude. Block 3 variables together explained an additional 12.4% of variation in attitude