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Table 3 Conceptual framework

From: The effect of a science festival for special education students on communicating science

Main category Sub-category Key words/ representations Science communication
feelings/impressions of a science festival Awareness be aware/know/learn knowledge/information The previous knowledge/information about science was brought one to a science festival confirmed, learned, broadened, in-depth knowledge/information
Enjoyment fun/ excited/exciting/want to come again Experiencing the content of science festivals provides visitors/participants with enjoyment of science
Interests voluntarily involvement/participation The experiences of science festivals encourage students to participate in/visit science festivals
Understanding/Learning of/about science through a science festival Attitudes towards science I changed my conceptions of science~, I learned science is ~ Fun and exciting experiences of science festival can change students’ negative impressions into positively or can inspire their future careers in science areas.
Learning science learning
Many different hands-on activities in the science festival motivate (help) for students to learn (understand) science
School science learning school science classes Informal science learning can positively affect the school science learning.