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Table 8 Excerpt 2: A segment of discourse from group F’s discussion (lines 11 to 14)

From: Promoting productive argumentation through students' questions

Turn of talk Student Discourse
11 L: How did the bubble get into the blood stream? And also how did it eventually end up at the coronary artery?
12 S: Where shall we start? “Bubbles” or “block coronary artery?”
13 C: Let’s start from bubbles….
Student C pointing to bubbles enter bloodstream found on the mind map.
Bubbles enter bloodstream, so it is here, trace backwards, that’s from intravenous injection…why need injection…because need to stay as a female …why must stay as female…because born as male…XY in karyotype.
14 S: Then, from bubbles in blood stream again, we move forward, travel into right atrium, then move into left atrium cross the septic defect hole…down the left ventricle…up the aorta, into coronary artery…block blood flow…no oxygen and nutrient… cannot respire…cardiac muscle death… dead muscle release K+ ions …detected high in blood plasma.