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Table 5 Evaluation utterance patterns exemplified in groups A and F

From: Participation patterns of elementary students in scientific problem finding activities

ActivityGroup A (28% ➔ 10%)Group F (10% ➔ 37%)
Single material“Do seeds sprout in water?” That is obvious. [ANS]a
Oh, that sounds great! [UNF]
It a really, really good idea. [UNF]
That is embarrassing! [UNF]
Composite materialWe can’t test it. That is not an inquiry. [TET]
This is too obvious. [ANS]
Does that make sense? It is like asking, “Why do cats and dogs live on ground?” [CON]
You can experiment with this. [TET]
But you can answer it using the internet. [INT]
It is so, so obvious! [ANS]
That is good! [UNF]
  1. aCoding: [TET] testability or measurability, [INT] answerability through Web search, [ANS] answers known, [CON] contradictions in questions, and [UNF] unfounded emotional or intuitive judgment