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Table 4 Evaluation utterances

From: Participation patterns of elementary students in scientific problem finding activities

Group IDABCEFGAverage
Evaluation utterance per question (%)28104027101510171037798531
CriteriaExamples of Evaluation utterance
Testability or measurabilityHey! That’s not what we can do. We have to experiment it for ourselves.
I think it is okay because we can test it.
Can’t you measure it?
Answerability through Web searchWhen you search the internet everything can be found. It’s not something we can test.
Answers knownThat is so obvious. Why are we doing it? / That’s just right (no need for exploration).
Contradictions in problems“Why can’t soil photosynthesize?” Because it isn’t a plant!
Unfounded judgmentWell, that’s not good. / Isn’t that a bit weird? / I am curious too.