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Table 5 Repeated measures ANOVA results for constructivist teaching (N = 1299)

From: Middle school student attitudes toward science, and their relationships with instructional practices: a survey of Chinese students’ preferred versus actual instruction

SourceMSdfFpPartial η2
Within-Subjects Effects
 Discrepancy * Sex0.62411.7420.1870.001
 Discrepancy * School Type0.97222.7130.0670.004
 Discrepancy * Sex * School Type0.19120.5340.5860.001
 Error (Discrepancy)0.3581293   
Between-Subjects Effects
 School Type28.293261.8660.0000.087
 Sex * School Type0.21120.4620.6300.001
  1. Significance levels for within-subjects effects are unchanged when using Greenhouse-Geisser or Huynh-Feldt corrections