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Table 3 Overview of original ADI instructional model

From: Developing scientific argumentation strategies using revised argument-driven inquiry (rADI) in science classrooms in Thailand

Sessions Overview of the ADI instructional model (Sampson et al., 2010)
Introduction session The teacher informally surveys and examines students’ prior knowledge in scientific concepts and then guides the inquiry activity by introducing data for discussion to find answers to the questions and to produce a tentative argument.
Argumentation session The teacher asks each group to share their claims with the class and give their reason or evidence to justify those claims.
Conclusion session Individual students express their understanding of the topic under investigation and about scientific argumentation by producing formal written reports, which are evaluated in a double-blind peer review process. The peer review sheet has specific criteria for assessing the quality of the report using comments and scores, which provide feedback to the students who wrote the report. Students have a chance to revise their report twice.