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Table 8 Content of the Science Experiments in 2014

From: The effect of a science festival for special education students on communicating science

No. Content
1 Fire! Air cannon
2 Air gun
3 Burning candle light
4 Straw fountain
5 Let play with oxygen
6 Growing concentration
7 Making a Bubujella horn
8 experiencing a boomerang plane (love will come back)
9 A marble for all
10 Making a rubber powered cart
11 Spacecraft made of a CD
12 A mini fan using charcoal batter
13 A speaker hearing through teeth
14 Wind blows
15 Play Jwibul
16 Wow, look big
17 Appear or disappear! Polarization magic cards
18 Glow in the world of light
19 Hologram on my hand
20 Making a scarecrow hanging on the finger tip
21 Elsa’s ice kingdom
22 Butterflies who you are!
23 A neofinetia falcata embraces Sora & Animal Therapy
24 Making Pepero ice cream
25 Create a Baskin Robbins ice cream
26 Seven princesses’ bubble kingdom
27 Bloated cake and shake!
28 Science through chocolate, Beniel chocolate factory
29 Experiencing a thermoplastic ear caps
30 Sparkling bracelets
31 Faddist flowers and a finger copy
32 Making a shining lightsaber
33 Flame magic
34 Create your own toys with magnets: Create your own picture mirror
35 Create your own unbreakable mirror
36 Experience a three-dimensional celestial constellation
37 Making a hair essence
38 Making a natural herbal ointment- Zaoongo
39 Kaleidoscope in vitro into the kingdom of fantasy!
40 Experience the magic world of science
41 Making a simple air conditioner
42 A crystal ball, Blooming roses in the night
43 Making a mouthwash EM natural toothpaste
44 Move the woodpecker!
45 An alcohol pistol hides scientific principles
46 Relaxation and mosquito eradication at the same time with aroma
47 See the sun
48 Experience of the osmosis principle
49 Anodizing
50 Making a Lava lamp using the density difference
51 Experience the magic of light
52 Making your own mirror with etched stainless steel
53 A frozen winter kingdom
54 Goal in a fullerene ball
55 Experience the world of constellation
56 Experience how to make an ice cream
57 Experiencing CIS
58 Experience aroma
59 Making a sunlight bracelet
60 Experience weather reports
61 Making a wind gauge
62 Experience the robot world - dancing robots
63 Experience LG (electronic company)
64 Experience face-paining
65 Let’s play with nature
66 Experience the robot world - soccer game
67 I am a robot controller
68 Marbling
69 Making a wooden bracelet
70 Experience the spacecraft
71 Experience spectroscopy
72 Experience the handling simulator of aircrafts