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Table 7 Results of the Analysis of Learning Science and Learning about Science

From: The effect of a science festival for special education students on communicating science

Sub-themes Key words No. of SE students (%) No. of NSE (%)
(N = 387)
What did the students learn?
(N = 298) N = 3
Knowledge of science I learned~
I practiced~
I understood ~
I realized~
29 (9.7%) 1 (33%) 72 (18.5%) Factual knowledge
Related to the topics of the activities
Knowledge about science (the nature of science) 18 (6.0%)   67 (17.2%) Learning how to learn/
Learning how to collaborate/
Learning the role of science
Understanding others (how to communicate with SE students) I learned~
I regretted~
I realized~
I understood~
19 (6.4%)   340 (87.2%) NSE students’ perspectives
(prejudice, inferior, biased ideas on SE students)
(wearing others’ shoes)
(Pure spirit, slow learners)
SE students’ perspectives (kind, warm, beautiful, thankful)
Learning from other SE students