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Table 4 Analysis on SE and NSE students’ feeling of enjoyment

From: The effect of a science festival for special education students on communicating science

Subthemes Key words No. of SE students (%) No. of NSE (%) (N = 387) When did students feel enjoyment? (Kinds of activities)
Visitor (N = 298) Participants (N = 3)
Curiosity/Competing with friends *fun,
*want to visit again
270 (90.6%)    New experiences
Unexpected experimental results (e.g., the polarized light made a cup disappear)
Curious phenomena
Beautiful outcomes
Usefulness of the outcomes
No enjoyment *Scared, *nervous
*Not interesting
14 (4.7%) 2 (67%) 67 (17.1%) Experiences were not familiar to SE students
The ear phone did not work.
New experiences, worry about explaining to others
Kindness *happy
83 (27.9%) 2 (67%) 327 (83.4%) Kindness: participating students treated them kindly
Proud of oneself for doing something for others
Experiencing visitors’ satisfactory responses
Sympathies *worthwhile to do   1 (33%) 385 (98.7%) Understanding of SE students’ difficulties
Wonderful experience and memory