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Table 9 Excerpt 3: A segment of discourse from group F’s discussion (lines 15 to 20)

From: Promoting productive argumentation through students' questions

Turn of talk Student Discourse
15 L: What if she was killed by intravenous injection then later dumped into the river?
16 S: Now if bubbles not tapped out….then this path forward from bubbles to cardiac muscle death and path backwards to XY on karyotype still make sense.
17 L: Yah, agree, then dumped into river after death.
18 Y: Okay for the drowning part...on our map, drowning so means lungs must be filled with water…water in lungs … river water entered lungs …pressure differences…Hmm…so it is possible!
19 L: From water in lungs …water diffused into bloodstream and increased water potential …water entered RBC cells by osmosis … RBC lysed….release K+ ions… detected high in blood plasma
20 C: Hey…this can also lead to high k + ions in blood plasma. Maybe the high is from both sources.