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Table 1 Percentage of positive responses as frequently and always

From: The development of a self-evaluation checklist for measuring Filipino students’ science giftedness

Factor Items Percentage of positive responses (frequently & always) Mean Likert Scale Score
Factor 1 scientific awareness Am I confident about my knowledge and understanding of science? 41.9 3.33
Do I understand quickly the content of science classes? 39.2 3.30
Factor 2 rational observation. Do I observe continuously over a long period? 38.4 3.22
Do I find patterns in the results of an observation and experiment? 42.2 3.34
Factor 3 experimentation. Do I handle equipment used in an observation and experiment correctly and adeptly? 52.6 3.58
Do I take particular care when using equipment used in an observation and experiment? 63.9 3.88
Factor 4 concern for nature. Do I like to collect animals, plants, or rocks 42.2 3.21
Do I skillfully collect animals, plants or rocks? 34.8 3.07
Factor 5 application. Do I show interest in making things? 50.9 3.49
Do I attempt to apply things I have studied in everyday life? 59.1 3.65
Factor 6 visualization. Do I express my own ideas effectively in diagrams and drawings? 34.8 3.12
Do I draw accurate sketches of observations and experiments? 23.3 2.87
Factor 7 initiative. Do I dislike and get bored with easy repetitive lessons or tasks? 30.7 2.99
Do I try to do things in my own way, not by the instruction? 22.9 2.68
Factor 8 quantification. Do I show interest in analysis using numbers? 35.9 3.12
Do I like solving problems simply and efficiently? 50.1 3.48
Factor 9 oblivion in learning. Do I carry out own observations or experiments without concern for “success”? 28.8 2.93
Do I have different ways of doing and thinking from others without caring? 20.0 2.70
Factor 10 engrossment in learning. Do I classify animals, plants or rocks by their characteristics? 47.9 3.65
Do I become too absorbed in an observation and experiment to finish the task in time? 39.5 3.28
Factor 11 integrated learning. Do I prefer active learning to passive learning? 54.6 3.64
Do I grasp “the big picture” before the minutiae? 29.8 3.13
Factor 12 acquiring of skills. Do I use computers adeptly or proficiently? 64.3 3.84
Do I know the names of animals, plants, or rocks in daily life? 42.7 3.29